SMALLVILLE “Finale” Review

SMALLVILLE "Finale" Season 10 Episode 21 – Well, that’s it. Over two hundred episodes, several networks and ten years after its debut, Smallville is no more. The Blur has become the Man of Steel, Clark Kent finally donned the suit and become Superman, and the most successful television show in the superhero genre has finally come to an end.

Part I was written by Al Septien and Turi Meyer, while part II was written by showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders. Part I played out like a melodrama as Lois and Clark go through the ringer as to whether or not they should get married, and part two embraced a more epic tradition as Clark Kent finally realizes his destiny, battles Darkseid and saves the world from an apocalypse.

The whole Lois and Clark wedding crisis was a pretty bland storyline, introduced at the end of last week’s episode and it’s a pity it became the central focus of this episode. Lois and Clark’s relationship has been through almost everything a superhero genre cares to embrace and it’s a little tiring to have to be reminded of their love for one another for the umpteenth time. Read More...


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