CAMELOT “The Long Night” Review

CAMELOT "The Long Night" Season 1 Episode 7 - This week’s episode takes us to CastlePendragon where Arthur and his close circle go to feast with Morgan. She claims to want to be his ally (building on a visit they had back in episode 3) and it all goes well – until Castle Pendragon is attacked by forces unknown.

Well, unknown to Arthur et al. We know that Morgan has set something up with the assistance of soldier Harwel and that simultaneously leeches the episode of any real tension it could have held andgives us a more relaxed atmosphere to explore the characters.

Because what follows is a long night (hence the title) wherein we learn a little more about our main men: Leontes is the upstanding man he is because he once killed a boy and turned to God to deal with the guilt; Gawain dislikes himself so much that, while not suicidal, he is a-ok with walking toward almost certain death; Brastias is a loud mouthed pervert who I adore; and Arthur loves Guinevere. Read More...


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