Greg Garcia on the 'Raising Hope' Season Finale & Cloris Leachman's Freakish Strength

Between seasons of a television show, most showrunners talk about breaking stories for the following season. Some talk about going on a much-needed vacation. Greg Garcia of 'Raising Hope' does something a little different: He runs contests on his Twitter feed.

"I'd done a little bit of the Twittering there once we stopped shooting because I thought well, I'm bored, I'll do it," he told me last week. "I was at a gas station and there was a pay phone, and I thought, well this'll be funny. So I tweeted, 'the first person to call this phone number gets $100.' And immediately, a guy from New Jersey called, and I sent him two fifties in the mail. So I've just been doing it for the last couple weeks. And it's been fun." Read More...


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