'Chuck' season finale: Back to the future


Before late last week, a good percentage of "Chuck" fans had made a degree of peace with the idea that "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" would be the last we'd ever see of our favorite nerd spy hero. The main hope was that it would go out on a strong note.Then it was renewed for a final season, and then "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" aired. Would that have been a great (if tantalizing) series finale? Sure. But man oh man, am I happy it wasn't.Because Morgan Grimes, sudden super-spy, is going to be awesome.We'll spend the next few months thinking about the implications of the finale's final couple of scenes, but what made the payoff so spectacular was the fact that the 40 or so minutes before it were also great. Here was a Chuck who, even after being de-Intersected by the CIA, remained confident enough in his own worth as a spy (or focused enough...



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