Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances - The Top 4

Chelsea Kane of "Dancing with the Stars"

We’re down to Kirstie, Ralph, Chelsea and Hines, each of whom must get through three dances in the two hour torture session known as the semi-finals. I wonder if this isn’t pushing our stars a little too hard, as we’ve already seen signs of wear and tear in the past few weeks and, oh yeah, Hines’ partner Kym Johnson ended up on a gurney during rehearsals. Apparently the wear and tear isn’t restricted to our celebrities. But I guess the show must go on, and Kirstie’s getting blonder and thinner each week, so it can’t be all bad!

Tom announces that there will be a winner-takes-all cha cha cha at the end of the show. I’d be more excited about this if "DWTS" didn’t overdramatize every little thing. The contestants must dance without having heard the song! The celebrities must flip a coin! The celebrities must dance a dance they’ve never danced before! I’m surprised Tom Bergeron doesn’t sprain something trying to make everything short of a celebrity clipping their nails sound like THE event of the century.  Read More...


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