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Recap: 'The Event' - 'The Beginning of the End'

Recap: 'The Event' - 'The Beginning of the End'

The episode opens on the image of bodies strewn about a street, with Sophia alone making her way through the destruction. A little girl, bloodied and dying, accosts Sophia and begs her for help before blaming everything on her. The imagery could have been interesting were I not too busy grinding my teeth in frustration over the fact that it’s all obviously a cheat: Sophia is dreaming. She wakes up, and like President Martinez with his dream earlier this season, begins to question herself, even questioning Dr. Lu as to whether there’s some way a few humans might be spared.

There isn’t. The super-flu, as explained by some hokey CNN-style graphic that Sophia needs because otherwise we wouldn’t know what the “eastern seaboard” or “the world” are, will wipe out all of humanity, and now Sophia is a little bit closer to releasing it, having placed agents at key locations like airports and food suppliers. They will release the disease, now tempered by Leila’s hybrid immune system, to the public through newly circulated dollar bills and the preservatives sprayed on grocery produce (organic-eating train commuters who pay with debit cards will be mercifully spared from Sophia’s wrath.)  Then Sophia leaves to see to her incoming alien arrivals and, well, that’s about it. Read More...


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