Episode 20 - Isn't It Bro-mantic

Ok I really enjoyed this episode the part that was the best for me was how with Casey and Rusty there relationships from season 1 have almost completely flipped instead of Rusty being the annoying brother who wants to hang out and always getting in the way of the relationship its Casey it was a nice change of dynamic. I love Jordan as a character but I must say I still enjoy Jen K more still sad. Poor Rusty getting all his dates ruined was quite amusing.

Evan and Cappy being friends again I love it they are so funny, the back and forth commentary is so funny. And the confrontation between Cappy and the dean for why he is in there was nice as well.

Calvin with his new gay roomate is just classic they are both attracted to each other but the roommate dosen't want to come out of the closet yet which leads to Calvin running across campus in his underwear just to find rusty to get the keys to his place to sleep there, the reaction of cappy and rusty had me laughing very hard.

Over all this was one of the episodes I enjoyed more than most of the season in my top 3.


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