'Chuck': Insider dish on season finale!

How’s that for a cliffhanger,Chuck fans? In the last 30 minutes of the Chuck season finale, Chuck and Sarah became nearly-billionaires, got married, bought the Buy More, and started a rogue spy group. And we haven’t even mentioned Morgan.

Luckily, EW spoke with Chris Fedak, exec producer/puppet master of the madness, who explained how what we saw in this epic finale is going to impact the show’s fifth and final season. "What we’re really excited about is that season 5 is very much a return to Chuck season 1 and 2. Chuck doesn’t have the Intersect, but there’s a new fish out of water who has to go on these missions," he says. "Chuck is in the position of having to protect his buddy, like Sarah and Casey protected him season 2." Read on for more of our chat. Read More...



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