'House': Late Night House Calls

After watching "After Hours," I wonder: Why is it that we don't see more episodes like this in a House season? Is there some rule that we must always remain true to the standard formula? Must we always have a diagnosis at five or six minutes before the hour is up? And more than that, do we always need a patient of the week? Most of the episodes I've liked throughout the series have either broken with format or taken the cast out of their usual element. This episode is no exception, with all characters being pushed to their physical and emotional limits. With one episode left, we're right back to the feeling we had after the first episode this season: Now what?

Foreman and Taub 

I'll start with who I felt were the least compelling pair. And might I just say, it wouldn't be May sweeps without FOX trying to shoehorn in a scene with strippers. Note that we've seen strippers on House in May in seasons 4, 5, and now 7. Thus endeth the stripper rant. At any rate, Tiny Taub, of all people, managed to knock up his young ginger girlfriend of the moment. Sigh. I really wish I cared more, but since it all ties back to House, I'll say this: Taub finally grabbing on and taking some responsibility may be foreshadowing of House doing the same. I've heard interviews with David Shore saying that people can't change. House needs to make a change and at the end of its seventh season, it can't be a small Housian step. It better be big and noteworthy.  Read More....



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