CASTLE Season Finale “Knockout” Review

CASTLE Season Finale "Knockout" Season 3 Episode 24 – I’m used to laughing out loud more than a few times during each episode of this show. Tonight I don’t think I more than smiled and even that was only once, maybe twice. In fact I’m pretty sure I cried more during this ep than any of their other dramatic ones, before. So can someone explain to me why this one is now on my list of all-time favorites?

Oh yeah, that’s right, because it was absolutely amazing.

Lockwood escapes from prison and Beckett and everyone else soon realizes that means there is a third cop out there who was a part of it all, someone else that Lockwood has to silence. That third cop turning out to be Montgomery didn’t even come close to entering my mind, but once it did, I knew that he was not long for this world. I initially thought that he might take his own life, but I realize now that I should have known better. Of course he would go down in a hail of gunfire. Of course he would do it to save Beckett’s life. Read More...


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