THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER "Loose Lips" Season 3 Episode 22 – Adrian decides to torture Amy by having a whole host of girls parade in front of her. The catch is that these girls all have one thing in common: they’ve all slept with Ricky. Tempers flare, tears ensue and there is a lot of whinging. Amy stomps off because she’s indignant, she stomps off to Lauren and Madeline orMadison or whatever and they’re pretty useless friends so she stomps away, they having a discussion about what a cow Adrian is and decide to give her a piece of their minds.until she stomps (or rather waddles) up behind them. She’s indignant, of course, because Grace pointed out to her that she has no friends because she’s a manic bitch. That’s literally the first five minutes of the show.

What happens afterwards is pretty difficult to decipher, because by the time the opening credits with Molly Ringwald’s insipid "singing" have rolled through my head, my brain stops to function properly. But sides are taken, and everyone is in a fight: Grace and Grant, Grace and Tom, Grace and her mother, Amy and her depressing sister, Amy and Ricky, Ben and Amy (oh, Ben is a total douche) etc. Read More...


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