THE EVENT “The Beginning of the End” Review

THE EVENT "The Beginning of the End" Season 1 Episode 21 - The episode opens with Sophia having a nightmare of a town where nearly all the humans are dead, except for a small girl who accuses Sophia of being behind it all. A shaken Sophia still makes serious headway in her plans to release the mutated flu virus. Distribution points are picked and it’s implied that the virus is about to be unleashed at the very end of the episode.

In their hunt for Sophia et al, Sterling and Simon encounter Vicky and Sean. It doesn’t take long for them to start working together and they eventually find the location of Sophia’s base. They go there and find Dr Lu, who gives them the password to her laptop under threat of torture. The laptop apparently holds all the information they will need to stop the attack – they just need to find the right details. Sean finds the infected Leila and they talk about their future together as they wait. But it doesn’t look good for Leila – is she going to die before the season is up? Read More...


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