CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger” Review (Season Finale)

CHUCK "Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger" Season 4 Episode 23 – As a season finale, this would have been a decent send off. But this isn’t a series finale. This is a season finale because NBC renewedChuck for a fifth and final lap of 13 episodes. Yay!

Frankly, I would not have mind had this been the series finale. Chuck is a television show I really like, but season four has been hit and miss, and Chuck suffers for being an hour long show when every episode (including this one) really only has enough juice for twenty minutes, and usually the final twenty minutes.

This episode was pretty lacklustre. We all knew Sarah was not going to die, so there was no suspense in that. There was suspense in seeing how far Chuck would have to go to save her, and it turns out, not very far at all. CIA turned evil on him (which I sorta predicted in an earlier review, not that that matters) he broke Volkoff (now the innocent Hartley Winterbottom) out of the CIA detention facility, brought him to Volkoff Industries to reunite him with his daughter, had a really cringe worthy debate with him in the reception of the freaking evil lair where apparently nobody recognised either Chuck or Volkoff himself (that part was so stupid) surrendered himself, pleaded with Vivian, Volkoff showed up, kiss kiss, exchange identities for antidote, Chuck arrived with Russian reinforcements and the Cat Squard (one of my least favorites episodes of Chuck, though I was glad to see them here to help out their friend) gave Sarah the antidote and that’s it. Read More...


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