MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Dog Eat Dog” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT "Dog Eat Dog" Season 2 Episode 18 - Secrets, strategies and surprises. Dialogue with double meaning. Emily who? Oh and there was gymnastics, too, on tonight’s MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. "Dog Eat Dog" is a great set up for the season finale. It is one of the few episodes this season that is focused and has a purpose. It also seems to be returning the teen drama to its original soapy goodness. We finally get a view of the characters as individuals within a community, not just in their own separate worlds. Through their interactions tonight, relationships take a major step forward, which will finally (cross your fingers!) allow for the story line to develop and for an advance in plot.

Kaylie feels stressed about competing for the last spot on Worlds Team. Austin comes to the rescue, devising a plan that has Kaylie focusing on just the vault and going behind Sasha’s back again. It pays off, and Kaylie is on the team! Ambiguity 1: "Something about you makes me pay attention to every single thing you do. I just want you to be happy." Is Austin smitten with Kaylie, or is she just a reminder of his sister, or what else? Read More...


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