HAWAII FIVE-0 Season Finale “Oia’i'o” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 Season Finale "Oia’i'o" Episode 24 – This episode started out with all the elements one would expect from a season finale, a government official killed in a car bomb with all of the evidence pointing to Steve. I figured that was WoFat and that Steve would figure a way out of it, but as the episode went on, things only got worse. The more Steve investigates, the more he discovers that everything begins to point to…..the governor??

Now that, I did not see coming.

But before I can truly recover from that bit of news, things quickly start going from bad to worse when a witness shows up and identifies Kono from the day they stole the money from lock-up.

Meanwhile Steve keeps getting himself in deeper and deeper until he ends up breaking into the governor’s house and holding a gun to her in an effort to get the truth. His plan backfires when WoFat shows up, knocks him out, kills the governor and of course pins it on him, forcing Chin to arrest him. Read More...



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