HOUSE “After Hours” Review

HOUSE "After Hours" Season 7 Episode 23 – HOUSE is officially off the rails with the graphic, intense, and scattered "After Hours" episode that follows one long, bat guano crazy night involving a whole lot of off-the-books medicine and Taub being, sigh, Taub.

Having to watch part of the episode through my fingers makes it a little harder to review, but it’s certainly nowhere near as hard as excising tumors from your own leg. "I thought it would be like removing a wart." Oo-kay. First off, huge kudos to Hugh Laurie for playing the bejeezus out of every scene. His grim intensity as his breath heaves and his bloodied hands shake during the self-surgery is stunning and his agonized roars still echo through me. As always, Laurie’s performance remains the best reason to watch House. He truly is mesmerizing. Oh, and the actual bathtub scenes, as horrifyingly graphic as they are, are incredibly well shot, right down to the jarring discordant score. Read More...


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