'The Playboy Club's' Amber Heard gets all mysterious on us


"The Playboy Club" establishes Amber Heard's character as a bit of a mystery -- and Heard is not about to go blabbing about her to the likes of us."She's got a somewhat dubious past behind her," Heard says of Maureen, the Playboy Club bunny she plays in NBC's new drama, which is set in 1963. "What I love about Maureen is we don't know much about where she comes from, but we have to figure it's important. ... We get the sense that there's a lot to learn about her."Heard herself has been learning about the era Maureen lives in, and she's excited to help bring it to life on the show. "It was a different time for women, it was a different time for what we expected of women," she tells Zap2it in the video below. "It was a different time for our silhouettes, for fashion. ... It's a texturally rich time to tell...



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