Good G*d, all the drama!

It was so overwhelming! I don't think I have ever seen so much drama in one episode of Gossip Girl before. I mean, there has been, but nothing compared to this.

Definitely got pissed off when that b***h Nelly freaking Yuki or whatever her name is, took Dan's phone and invaded their privacy. I half-thought that Nelly would eventually just hand the phone back to Dan out of guilt, but sadly, she didn't.

Jack's plan was written all over his face and it was so obvious he was pissed off with Bart's final wishes with Chuck being the CEO, so it was no surprise. I too, was a little disappointed in our little Chuck. I hoped that he would not fall into Jack's trap :(

The last scene was hilarious. I mean, after Lily said that maybe they weren't meant to be a family, the camera just focuses on Jenny, Eric, S and D and Rufus' and Lily's faces were just like, "Oh, damn." lol.

I still wonder if Rufus and Lily will ever get to meet their son, maybe in the not too distant future. What's weird is that I want Lily and Rufus to end up together but at the same time, Serena and Dan should as well. It's going to be an odd match up but, hey, that's drama.


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Jan 13, 2009 9:48AM EST

Oh the drama, the drama. I'm proud of blair for standing up for herself with chuck. But... i still want them to get together in the not too distant future. They're meant for each other. But chuck is just too messed up at the moment to have a real relationship. And the Van Der Woodsen/Humphrey family? weird. I'm just gonna say it. It's really freaking weird. Their parents are dating AND they share a sibling. But they're dating. It's like step-siblings dating. It's just a little too creepy for my taste. But props to serena for mentioning Clueless. It's one of my favourite films! But Cher and Josh's situation was much less screwed up than Dan and Serena's. Sorry. It's just... weird.

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