'Glee': Our favorite lines from 'Funeral'


Even though we weren't wild about "Funeral," the dialogue was -- as per usual -- worthy of a second listen. So, in that spirit, we share our favorite lines of the night. Tuesday (May 17) they were mostly uttered by Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), whose tongue-lashings weren't at all slowed down by her bummer of a story line.1.  "Honey Badger, I am lactating with rage." -- Sue to Teri Schuester2. "I'm allergic to pansies and I don't mean that as a swipe at either of you." -- Sue to Finn and Kurt3. "I fired you in a hormonal fury I call womb-rage." -- Sue to Becky4. "Correction, you had feelings for him, he made breakfast on your head." -- Kurt to Rachel5. "Jesse St. James totally St. sucks." -- KurtHonorable mentions*:"You remember the masculine click of my designer boots." -- Jesse St. James to Rachel"Do you know what happens at Vocal Adrenelin when someone dies...



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