'The River' video clips: Ready for another sub-tropical sweaty sci-fi adventure?

In the above clip from "The River," a rag-tag crew of good looking survival types in sweaty J Crew gear bust into a subterranean hatch where someone has obviously been living. Why does this sound familiar? Oh, right -- "Lost." That seems to be where the similarities end, though, between ABC's now-ended cult classic and The Oren Peli-helmed (and Stephen Spielberg-produced) "The River." In the River, Peli (the writer/director of "Paranormal Activity") takes us to the Amazon, where an expedition searching for a missing "TV explorer" runs into some unexpected trouble.Unexpected, but promising for those of us into cheap thrills, mysteries and sweaty hot people in J. Crew gear. We'll have to wait a few months before its debut, though -- it's slated as a midseason opener....



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