Recap: 'Glee' - 'Funeral'

Before getting to that, let’s get to the storyline that gave the episode its title. When hearing that someone would die this week on Twitter, I honestly pegged it for Burt Hummel. Not that I wanted him to die, but in terms of cast members that weren’t actually in New Directions, he seemed like the most likely person. Instead, the show revealed that Sue’s sister Jean had passed away. Out of left field? A little, although it did give Jane Lynch an opportunity to be human again, and possibly finally mend her relationship with New Directions. So, good. Right?

Well, inside of the episode itself, yes. But "Glee" often works plenty fine on a micro level and then forgets to apply it to the larger picture. For Sue and Will to finally make peace on the eve of Nationals makes narrative sense: not only does it take the spotlight off her for what should rightfully be the kids’ big hour, it also sets up a third season that’s not dominated by Sue’s increasingly vicious (and increasingly reality-pushing) attacks on the glee club. The show has struggled all season long to keep Sue relevant, and it’s not a coincidence that episodes that have kept her off-screen have produced some of the show’s finest hours this season. Being a sarcastic faculty member at McKinley High is fine: keeping up the Cruella de Vil act for another season would have pushed things from "utterly grating" to "downright insulting." Read More...


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