Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Results - The Final Three

Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy of "Dancing with the Stars"

First on the block are Hines and Kym. Hines cries after seeing Kym’s fall. Hines cries before their big dance. Hines is surely going to get crap from his teammates for this, but I love the marshmallow softy side of the guy. I don’t think he’s overreacting either, as Kym really could have been paralyzed. Although it would be a little ironic for a football player to land someone in a wheelchair for life while on the dance floor and not on the field.

 So, will Hines and Ward survive? We’ll find out… after the commercial break. Hey, ABC, any chance you have a good half hour series you could squeeze in here, because by this point in the competition the show is getting so thin I can read a newspaper through it. Anyway, they’re… safe and going to the finals.

 Backstage, Brooke talks to the couples still waiting to hear their fate, which is about as exciting as anything Brooke does. I swear the woman seems more stressed out about the fact she’s on live television than the celebrities in the competition do. Ralph tells Brooke he’s feeling upbeat. She wishes him good luck in a tone you’d use with someone who’s driving a 1968 Volkswagen bus with a sputtering engine through a wall of fire. However, Chelsea doesn’t feel secure, Mark is simply bittersweet that anyone has to go, Kirstie hopes that next week there will be less drama and more aerials. Now that Kirstie’s weight isn’t likely to give Maks a hernia, all she wants is to get tossed around. Read More...


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