Episode 5 ;)

And once again, our gullible Jason has fallen for the V trap. Now humping some random chick like a dog....lol. It's obvious he now has feelings for Tara, but how can he control his libido and odd mannerisms with Lafayette influencing him?

Bill's history was so dark, I could not describe it. The damn woman just HAD to make Bill a vampire. But I guess we should thank her too since it was because of Bill becoming a vampire that he was able to live for more than a hundred years and now, he met Sookie :) I found it really odd too, how vampires now apparently cry tears of blood. After drinking blood, they just take it out by crying. lol. Still cool, though.

Sam is just unpredictable. Which is probably why he makes such an attractive character. First he was awfully sweet, then gets pissed at Sookie for kissing Bill. I guess he IS just protecting Sookie, but hey, it was just a kiss. I'm starting to like Sam a bit more, now though. I think he's the friend Sookie can ALWAYS depend on when Bill isn't there. Of course, he will always be JUST A FRIEND to Sookie. I don't think they would make such a very good couple. The cliched match up is better :P Naive young girl meets dark and mysterious man (or in this case vampire) and falls in love. I'm used to it, so I prefer it than those twists and turns. Although I wouldn't mind a few between episodes. :D

Just to clarify, that WAS Sookie's grandmother on the floor right? Can we guess who did it? I doubt it's Bill. (Highly doubt) and I don't think it's Sam either. What if it were Eric or that new vampire Bill was talking about. That would mean he's in town. DUN DUN DUN! :]]

Can't wait for the next episode, and I hope this time Eric shows up!



Oct 6, 2008 7:20AM EDT

Hehe... well what do you expect? All they drink is blood... there is no water in there body to speak of really. So its only appropriate their tears are made of blood haha... haven't you ever read Anne Rice?! :P
As far as the killer goes let me just say you will NEVER guess who it is if you haven't read the books.

Oct 6, 2008 7:30AM EDT

OMG now you just got me excited....hahaha.
I SO CAN'T wait. XDHaven't read Anne Rice. I have never read anything vampire/werewolf related except the twilight series...but you know what, because of this show, I think I'll buy all the books! How many books are there like 13 or something? Anyway, I won't be buying them with this show still on the air...lol. Probably once ALL THIS is finished. That way nothing is ruined. ;)

Default avatar cat
Oct 6, 2008 8:09AM EDT

There's currently 8 books, but the series is nowhere near finished :) (at least that's what I hope, and I think Charlaine didn't indicate anything about ending Sookie's story anytime soon...
Hint: You've met the killer, but don't have reason to suspect him. Another thought: Why would Vampires strangle a victim?

Oct 6, 2008 8:15AM EDT

I'm not so sure, but I THINK I DO. :D

Oct 6, 2008 9:06AM EDT

The end is so frustrating!!!! I red the first book so I know who's the killer but still, finishing like that.... And yes, At Sookie's house it was her grandmother on the floor....

Default avatar cat
Oct 6, 2008 9:08AM EDT

Btw: What new vampire was Bill talking about again, and in which episode? I'm no mothertongue, thus I miss out on some details....
I can only guess he was talking about either Loreena (his sire), which would mean another course away from the books, or Sohpie Anne, whom we don't meet before book 6... and she's got better things to do than care about some small town girls.
Oh, and:***** Spoiler*****........It's not Hoyt ;)

Default avatar cat
Oct 6, 2008 10:01AM EDT

i just ordered my 1st book in the series because I'm goin nutz from week to week with these crazy cliffhangers they are giving us LOL..My book should b here n a few days I'm sure that it will b read in record time for me ...If the books or anything as good as the series then I have a new series of books to read ...i wanna know what happened with her grams !!! I hope books here b4 sunday!!!

Default avatar cat
Oct 7, 2008 11:30PM EDT

I've never read any of the series and I am anxious to know who's killer is but its true..its probably someone we wouldn't guess to be a killer-like i mentioned in one of the other discussions, i think its probably Layfette or Rene...idk why we'll have to patiently see or read :-)

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