'Biggest Loser' Contestants Pull Their Own Weight

It's the week before the Biggest Loserfinale, which means a lot of retrospectives and echoey voiceovers talking about the contestants' original weights. We begin the episode with a slew of footage of some of the really memorable workouts the contestants have done over these 20 weeks, and then we see some equally deilghtful footage in which everyone talks about how happy they are to have made it to the finale.

Pop Challenge

Jennie-O is going to award $5,000 to the contestant who can make the best recipe for a turkey burger. Everyone's ears perk up a little when they hear this. Additionally, Alison tells the asembled contestants, the winner will get to send a guest of their choice to two weeks at theBiggest Loser resort. The contest will be judged by kids, because kids are the most honest critics. Right? Foolproof plan, Biggest Loser! The only thing you neglected to take into account that the taste buds of children generally aren't aligned with the most healthy of palates. We'll see how this works out.

Olivia makes a turkey burger with a bright green "slime" sauce made from Greek yogurt. I think she was banking on the fact that kids love to be grossed out. However, judging by the responses, her Slime Burger went over like a lead zeppelin.  Read More...



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