'Glee' recap: What We'll See Will Defy Explanation

You didn't think that'd be easy, right? I mean, the episode is titled "Funeral," after all.

This was such an odd episode, Gleeks. And I don't mean that in a bad way -- or a good one necessarily. But when I sat down to watch last night's episode of Glee, I went into it remembering all of television’s major "death" episodes that have left impressions on me. Particularly I recalled Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s "The Body." I've only watched the episode once (who watches it more than once?), but from what I remember about the experience, it gave me chills. And it was painfully uncomfortable to watch.

I won't go so far as to say last night's Glee was in that realm of greatness. But it wasuncomfortable to watch. Unlike normal episodes of Glee that attempt to give us tiny steps of progress in the seemingly 200 plotlines that are going on at any given time, this episode basically took us on two separate journeys. One was the journey to find a soloist for nationals, and the other was a journey through the grieving process of Sue Sylvester. It was shockingly streamlined and lacked the usual peppy nature of story editing, which tends to jump around and keep you on your toes. Instead, it was understated and  contained major changes of heart from Sue that I definitely didn't see coming. Let's recap, shall we? Read More...



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