NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale “Familia” Review

NCIS: LOS ANGELES Season Finale "Familia" Season 2 Episode 24 – Two season finales this big on the same night is almost unfair. I mean I’m just barely getting my head wrapped around what happened over on NCIS and now this show does its best to rattle my cage even further.

Okay let’s see if I can wrangle enough brain cells together to make sense of what I just saw. First off, Hetty went rogue last week and disappeared off to Prague. We had no idea why but from the previews we knew it had something to do with Callen. Turns out there’s a family called Comescu who want him dead because they believe he is the last of a family they consider enemies. Hetty brings them a false Death Certificate and claims that they can stop looking, because the man they are looking for is already dead. And why should they believe her? Well it turns out that Hetty is Comescu, too. Read More...


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