THE GOOD WIFE “Closing Arguments” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Closing Arguments" Season 2 Episode 23 – Back when Scott Porter dropped the series’ big bomb-that Kalinda slept with Peter Florrick-the suspense began to climb, and climb until it finally reached a climax last week, cresting with Alicia’s emotional dismissal of Kalinda, and Kalinda’s decision that she really does not need anyone.

Television season finales have been permeated with big explosions, gunfights, will they-won’t they get together/survive cliffhangers. Just yesterday I reviewed an episode of Chuck called "Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger". It’s a reasonable television cliché: leave the audience with a question, and fingers crossed they’ll return in droves in the Fall for the answer.

The Good Wife, whilst certainly leaving a few loose ends, rises above the cliffhanger. In fact, this episode lowers the stakes. No, Alicia and Peter don’t sort things out "Mr & Mrs Smith" style. No, Will doesn’t have a hostage crisis in the firm to suddenly deal with. Diane isn’t faced with Sarah Palin’s shotgun-toting clone seeking revenge for her all too brief tryst with Gary Coleman. And Kalinda is not facing down a meth gang (at one point in this season, that might have looked like an option on the horizon. But I did not make the Sarah Palin clone thing up. I’ve seen previews of season 3. Trust me.) Read More...


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