NCIS “Pyramid” (Season Finale) Review

NCIS "Pyramid" Season 8 Episode 24 (Season Finale) – This is another one of those times where the necessity of getting a review up immediately after an episode airs is tough. I’m still reeling from tonight’s finale and most of that is coming from literally the last ten minutes of it.

First off the P2P Killer kidnaps Ziva but rather than the entire ep being about that, it’s really just a minor twist that gets resolved quickly. Turns out Cobb did it just so he could turn himself in and get to the people he really wanted – Kort and EJ. Kort because he was the guy who I mean trained Cobb, and EJ because her uncle is the SECNAV and put the program into play in the first place. Of course he doesn’t get away with it and is taken out as we all knew he would be.

After that, it looked like the season was going to go out quietly, with EJ and Cade saying their goodbyes (thank goodness…oops, did that slip out?) and everyone attending Franks’ funeral. Read More...


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