GLEE “Funeral” Review

GLEE "Funeral" Season 2 Episode 21 – Sometimes Glee makes you laugh, and sometimes it makes you cry. Tonight’s episode—appropriately titled "Funeral"—was a full on tearjerker. With the death of a sweet character, a break up, and a heartless show choir consultant, there weren’t too many laughs to be found tonight.

So this is totally Jane Lynch’s Emmy submission, right? My favorite thing about this episode was thatGlee finally gave the talented actress something to do besides terrorizing New Directions. Her sister’sfuneral was heartbreaking—from her "I miss my sister" speech to the way Will helped her through it to "Pure Imagination." I really want to think that this is a turning point for her character, although I’ve thought that in the past and each time she’s reverted back to being evil. I don’t want a soft and cuddly Sue Sylvester, but a Sue with slightly less "womb rage" would be good.

Apparently the touching words Sue wrote about her sister made Finn realize that Quinn isn’t the one for him. I can’t believe Quinn’s response was to bring up up the Prom Queen and King thing yet again. The real question is what are these "big plans" she has for New York? Read More...


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