RAISING HOPE “Don’t Vote for this Episode” (Season Finale) Review

RAISING HOPE "Don’t Vote for this Episode" Season 1 Episode 22 (Season Finale) - We jump in the way back machine for a hilarious and poignant origin story in the pitch-perfect first season finale ofRAISING HOPE. It may be cleverly named "Don’t Vote for this Episode," but I’m guessing Emmy voters will do the opposite.

When there’s a duct-taped adult diaper on TV’s most adorable baby and Burt wearing a shirt proclaiming, "I’d rather be in Virginia" in the first two minutes, you know it’s going to be a hilarious episode. What you can’t know yet is that it’s going to be an intricately plotted and exquisitely detailed examination of how Burt, Virginia, and Jimmy (I’m sorry-Drakkar Noir, AKA Black Dragonship) learned to grow up just enough to become the sweetly more or less functional family we know and love.

"Sayonara, suckers!" Lucid Maw Maw’s birthday present is a doozy and it sets up a beautiful family journey where Burt, Virginia, and Jimmy all learn not only what’s really important, but also what’s really inside them. The funny moments truly don’t stop (Burt and Virginia’s leapfrogging, Mike’s impressive porn return, Jimmy’s head weighing), but the bittersweet moments destroy me. Maw Maw’s slide into Alzheimer’s is deftly handled and Burt and Virginia’s humble, loving return complete with fake birthday money is truly moving. The Chances find strength and growth in facing and accepting their insecurities and then they find their way back to each other. Then the final push to adulthood comes out of love for Maw Maw. It’s touching but never mawkish. Read More...



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