Criminal Minds: 6.24 "Supply & Demand"

criminal mindsTonight sees the final case of the season for theCriminal Minds team which looks like it could be one of the toughest and biggest yet. Also on tonight's episode "Supply & Demand" a beloved member of the group returns that could make a lot of fans happy, though this might be cut short as another enemy looms in the form of budget cuts that threatens the BAU.

When a car accident reveals the bodies of two missing persons in a car trunk it leads to what could be a huge human trafficking ring. The BAU agents come together to work with the Head of the Domestic Trafficking Task Force, SSA Andi Swan (Amy Price-Francis) to try and break up this seemingly impenetrable group of criminals. Whilst not only contending with this horrific crime that could stretch wider than even the team can imagine, there are also problems facing the structure of their team, as difficult decisions have to be made when Hotch (Thomas Gibson) asks each member whether they want to stay or leave the unit. Do you think any of the characters will want to leave? Or are there any that you hope will go? Read More...


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