Castle: Season 3 Finale "Knockout" Review

castleBefore we start analyzing last night’s Castle season 3 finale, I must warn you that this review will be spoiler heavy. If you have not watched the episode yet, do not read this. Trust me, you want to watch it completely unspoiled. It will be a much better experience and the cliffhanger will have a much bigger impact on you.

Are we clear?


The first thing to come to mind upon watching "Knockout" is wow.  I had been holding onto "Knockdown" as the best episode yet of the series, but the season 3 finale? It blew "Knockdown" out of the water. Ever since I started watching Castle, I have been a huge fan of Will Beall’s writing. He was the guy who always took the responsibility of penning the episodes about Beckett’s mom’s case and he always did a wonderful job. It seemed like every episode he would outdo himself. Last night’s episode was no different. Except this time, he set himself apart from every single other episode in the history of the show. Now there are all the episodes until "Pretty Dead" and then there is "Knockout" in its own league. Read More...


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