Chuck 4.24 "Chuck vs the Cliffhanger" Recap

chuckBefore we plunge into the season finale of Chuck, make sure you're caught up by reading last week's recap.

The finale begins five days ago.  Chuck and Sarah start freaking out a week before their wedding.  Sarah is worried about sharing her intimate feelings in front of a crowd.  What about a dry run, Chuck suggests.  They'll be ready for anything if they practice before hand.  Smash cut to the ER.  Ellie and Devon place Sarah in an ice bath to slow down her heart rate and any possible tissue damage caused by the Norseman.  They need to find the antidote for whatever radioactive "poison" was used on her.  Sarah rouses and says Chuck looks worried.  "Don't freak out, because we're ready for anything," she tells Chuck before falling back asleep.  Chuck tells her that he will fix this, and that they will be together.

Chuck turns to Casey and says only Volkoff, the creator of the Norseman, will now how to save Sarah.  It could take weeks to get him out, so they'll have to break him out.  They go to the penitentiary, but Volkoff is gone.  Casey goes pale when he hears the voice of Clyde Decker, the man the government sends to kill the guy who's supposed to rub out other agents.  Decker tells them that a wash program has been initiated for Agent X and Operation Bartowski.  Chuck is ordered to stand down, but he refuses.  "You may be a hard ass," Chuck retorts to Decker, "but I am the Intersect."  Chuck smashes the monitor on which Decker has appeared.  "Let's move," he tells Casey as they depart. Read More...


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