How I Met Your Mother 6.24 "Challenge Accepted" Review

how i met your motherTo be truthful, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say about last night’s How I Met Your Mother. While the episode definitely had it’s high points and set things in motion for the next two seasons, I was left with some mediocre feelings. It was alright, but was by no means a favorite of  mine. Maybe it was the Zoey of it all?

However, in this, the season finale of season 6 entitled "Challenge Accepted" we finally find out whose wedding it is where Ted meets the one.

As many fans, reporters and bloggers alike speculated, the wedding is Barney’s. So now the question, in addition to who's the mother, becomes who’s his bride? With the reappearance of Nora during tonight’s finale, could it be her? He did make a declaration of ‘Challenge Accepted.’

Or could it be Robin?

There were many words and looks thrown around between Robin and Barney tonight leading me to believe (and HOPE) that she just might be the bride.  The subtext in their conversations about Ted and Zoey was undeniable. Not to mention, my completely shallow observation that in the flash forward, Lily’s dress sure looked to be a bridesmaid dress with the matching shoes and all. Read More...


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