Terra Nova: First Full-Length Trailer for Fox's Prehistoric New Drama

terra novaFox's new drama, Terra Nova, has had a few setbacks.  It was originally supposed to debut last year, but got pushed back to midseason and then again to Fall 2011.  Given the scope of this show, it's not hard to see why.

A 30 second trailer first appeared after the Superbowl, but now Fox has released a trailer that's over 2 minutes long, giving us our first real glimpse at the size and scale of this new drama. Terra Nova is originally set in 2149, where humans have basically destroyed the planet.  Fortunately, scientists have discovered a crack in the time-space continum that allows them to travel back in time.  So the decision is made to send humans back to prehistoric times to resettle among the dinosaurs.

Naturally, that goes about as well as you can imagine.  Now mankind is placed within a very hostile time period with enemies who are far larger than we are.  Think Jurassic Park.

The show focuses primarily on the Shannon family.  Jim and Elisabeth Shannon are sent back with their three children: 17 year old son Josh, 15 year old daughter Maddy, and 5 year old daughter Zoe. Read More...



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