Khloe and Lamar Episode 6: The Return of Joe Odom

kardashiansEpisode 6 of Khloe and Lamar sees "The Return of Joe Odom" when Lamar decides to reach out to Dad Joe to see if he can pursue their relationship. Malika’s family comes to visit and it’s more than Khloe can handle.

A visit to a young fan suffering from bone cancer makes Lamar think about his Mom who died of cancer when he was 12, and wanting to make an effort to reconnect with Joe.  He decides to invite him over for dinner later in the week. Khloe opens her home to Malika’s sister Khadijah and her family while their home is under construction. Khadijah and family move in, dog and all. Oh, Khadijah failed to mention she was bringing her brother too.  

Khloe has to babysit Khadihah's baby the night before an early photo shoot but she can’t get the baby to sleep and Monster the dog is barking non stop.  In the middle of the chaos Joe calls and leaves one if his "can you get me something" messages. Knowing how sensitive Lamar is to his father's constant begging for things, Khloe decides to erase it and not tell Lamar.  Khloe arrives home from the photo shoot exhausted only to find dog pee on the floor. Khloe attempts to take a nap but Monster wants to get in her bed. She throws him out, but Monster keeps barking and scratching at her door.  Khloe gives up trying to sleep. Trying to keep the house clean for Joe's visit the next day, Khloe is upset with the mess and all the activity in the house.  Malika urges Khloe to put herself first, that her sister will understand. Later on, Khloe hits her breaking point and tells Khadijah that she needs her house in order. Khadijah understands and moves her family to a hotel. Read More...


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