Game of Thrones: "The Wolf and the Lion" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow. Ugh, I suppose when you get a child character who's as awesome as young Arya Stark you should also have a few horribly wretched brats to balance things out. While Prince Joffrey still takes the douchebag cake (yum?), suckling simpleton Robin Arryn sure gives him a run for his coin. "I want to see the bad man fly!" Robin demands, wanting his mother, Cat's sister Lady Lysa Arryn, to throw Tyrion off a cliff. Man, what a nightmare of a kid. But awful children aside, "The Wolf and the Lion" was the best episode of the series so far. And that's saying quite a bit considering the fact that all the episodes are good and that "The Wolf and the Lion" didn't even feature any of Jon Snow's ice wall exploits or Daenerys' barbarian adventures from across the narrow sea. You'll notice though that the opening credits now show "The Eyrie," as if it were an unlocked achievement.  Read More...


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