Camelot: "The Long Night" Review

"The Long Night" starts with Morgan taking a bath while one of her men sneaks a peek whilst pleasuring himself. Naturally Morgan captures the pervert but instead of killing him or placing him in the dungeons, she sees this as an opportunity to hatch the next stage of her plan. Using this unwitting pervert, she unleashes a plan to test, trick and infiltrate King Arthur's court by inviting them all to stay a night at Castle Pendragon. It's good to see both Igraine and Merlin not buying into Morgan's games. The relationship developing between Igraine and Merlin is quite interesting. Igraine obviously cares for Merlin, even after his continuous attempts to shut her out. It feels like she's finally getting to him this week though as he confides in her about the true nature of King Uther's death. Just like last week, it's good to see the walls around Merlin breaking down as he allows himself the luxury of trusting others when he usually trusts no one.  Read More...


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