'American Idol' Live Recap: The Top 3 Go Home, Sing Three Selections

American Idol is back to two hours again tonight and it could be worse--it could be the two-hour finale! This week, the contestants sing a song that one of the judges chose for them, a song of the producers' choosing, and a song they've chosen for themselves. We know some of the songs they'll be singing (and all of Haley's songs) but the question remains: does it matter? Well, more specifically, can a performance sway votes anymore or will people just continue to vote for their favorites, just more vehemently?
Other questions include: Will it be a country finale? Are we watching Nashville Star by mistake? How will Haley have to change some of the more vulgar lyrics to Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"? I'm curious to find out why they chose that song for her. Conspiracy theorists say it's to take her out of the competition. Also, the whole thing is rigged, maaaaan. Read More...



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