Modern Family Recap: Falling Down

Typically, the Dunphy-Pritchett-Delgado-Tuckers are pretty much like The Simpsons — after twenty-something minutes of various hilarious antics and whatnot, things pretty much always reset, the slate wiping itself clean for next week. In last night's penultimate episode, however, we were happy to detect a few threads carrying over from previous episodes.

The Pritchett-Delgados
Jay's had a few scrapes with mortality this season — the emergency appendectomy, his brother's cancer diagnosis. So it makes sense that, when he comes home from the doctor with the left side of his face drooping like a basset hound, Gloria and Manny spaz out a little bit. He says it's because of some numbing cream his dermatologist smeared on him, but really it's Botox that just didn't take. In the words of Mitch, "No my God you didn't." "In my head, I feel 40, but when I look in the mirror, I'm like, 'Who's that old man in the bathroom?'" Jay tells a disapproving Gloria. "But I love that old man in the bathroom!" she replies. Manny does his part to help him out, digging a Phantom of the Opera half-mask out of his personal collection before realizing it covers the wrong side ("Lemme go see if I have a leftie.") We could've gone for a little more digging into why jabbing face-stiffening bacteria into his person for psycho aesthetic reasons was something that appealed to Jay in the first place. "But you're a veteran!" Cam screeches when the truth comes out to the whole family, and, yeah, it really doesn't fit with Jay's Big Stoic Manly Guy persona. But again, neither does adopting the most adorable dog ever on TV ever in the world EVER, and he did that last week. The puppy from last week, we're happy to see, seems like it'll be hanging around! (If it doesn't, though, it's definitely not because we found it and stole it and carted it back from L.A. and named it Ernestine and bought it little pink sweaters despite our long-held anti-dog-clothes beliefs. No, definitely not.) Read More...


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