'Cougar Town' Moment: Lou Diamond Phillips Is the Face of Penny Can

Something that you realize quickly when you watch a Bill Lawrence production is that he tends to use the same actors over and over again. It's why, for instance, Barry Bostwick has had roles in all three of his shows (though his role on 'Scrubs' was a one-time-only guest role). But, when he sees someone he likes, he tends to use them over and over.

Let's officially add Lou Diamond Phillips to the Bill Lawrence Family Players. He's now been on 'Cougar Town' twice, playing himself, and has done a great job each time. Though I still can't see him as a spokesman for a game where you throw a penny in a can.
The show has been doing a really good job at developing storylines of late. There's still room for silly stories, of course, as we saw with Ellie and Grayson's dealings with the creepy "Chalk Children." Even there, though, the story had a point: Their neighbor, Tom, isn't as creepy as they think. Well, maybe he is, but he's also just shy. Read More...



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