Funny OTH quote.

Episode 9, had some extremely funny one liners!

By far the best was when Rachel and Dan rocked up to Nathans.

"Nathan: When you and Deb are tired of my high school class, I'm sure I can rumage through some of my middle school friends for you.

Rachel: Its good to see you too Nathan. Funny I used to want you to be my I'm your Mummy.

Jamie: Niced to meet you Grandma Rachel

Rachel: Oh...I remember when you were a rumour in third period."

And then the look Rachel and Nathan give each other. Classic! (okay not a one liner..but a very funny scene!!)

What are some other classic OTH quotes...



Default avatar cat
Nov 15, 2009 5:14PM EST

true, very true

Default avatar cat
Dec 8, 2009 7:45PM EST

I kno it was hilarious

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