LAW & ORDER: SVU ” Smoked” (Season Finale) Review

Holy Stabler! Now that was an episode, let alone a season finale. With LAW & ORDER: SVU, and the other Law & Order franchises actually, one learns to expect the unexpected as nothing is ever as it seems. So in this 12th season finale, it was obvious that the hair stylist, Luke Ronson, did not kill his rape victim, Nanette Fox, as the story would have wrapped up within the first ten minutes. However, even when I saw the guy from the shelter, Eddie, and recognized him as Michael Raymond-James, I did not suspect anything as convulted as what occurs. On a side note, can someone please get Michael Raymond-James a show? The guy is amazing. Loved him as Rene in True Blood and was impressed even more in his casting in Terriers. Then he struck it home in this epsiode of Law & Order: SVU, going from playing a homeless guy, to a shrewd criminal, and then ultimately a killer, completely believable in every role. Read More...


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