Episode 7

I am absolutely loving oth at the moment!!! The new season is heaps better than gg's new season! The writers really have picked up there game!

I didnt really like Clay at the start, but the whole Clay/Sara marriage/death explains alot and I've warmed to him. And it was really anoying me where I knew Amanda Schull (Sara) from and I finally figered it out, she was Jody in Centre Stage.

Clarification for this episode, Dan had his heart op, hence the scar on his chest???

One thing im anoyed at though is Rachel, yer it was a massive WOAH when you first found out what she had done, but she hasnt really done anything since, i was expecting a little brooke/rachel conflict or anything. Not just with Dan, im kinda dissapointed, since Rachel is one of the best things to come out of Tree Hill!

I really want Naley to have another kid.

And I want a big nice fancy wedding for Brooke and Julian :)

Completly random discussion, didnt have a point. But yeah, anything else interesting you about new season.


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