AMERICAN IDOL “Top 3 Perform” Review

AMERICAN IDOL "Top 3 Perform" Season 10 Episode 36 – Axey back, here to assert his rightful place atop the Idol hierarchy of—

What the HELL! Who voted James Durbin off the island?!

Sandie! You’ll pay for this!

(I’m just kidding. Sandie was just as shocked as I was. I’m going to do the American thing and blame Britain.)

So we were basically left with two country singers and Haley Reinhart. See, back in the Olde Days (last year) this never would have happened. Because Simon Cowell hated country music. He usually nipped country singers in the bud. And while I’m actually sort of thrilled to see a genre rise up and extend a middle finger to the departed Cowell (not because I dislike him—I just really like middle fingers) …  Read More...


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