Season 7!

I actually love it, anyone else think so?

Dont hate me but...I love not having to deal with Lucas' squint and brooding.

I think Quinn is awesome, she reminds me of Rachel.


I just want Dan to die already, Im getting so sick of this redemption s**t!

Im loving the shirtless-ness of all the male characters. Apart from Mouth, is it me or does he have the weirdest shaped body ever!!

Loved Mouths and Skills naked scene!

And why the hell does Jamie have a plasma when he is 7! WTF! Im so jealous!

Best line of the epsiode, was Brooke "Thats what she said"

All up i think its a new start for One Tree Hill, kind of a clean out of old problems etc etc..

So far, I love season 7!! Anyone else agree??


Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2009 2:35AM EDT

i really hope the rumor that nathan cheated on haley is wrong. i love those two as a couple and hate it when they fight. i love jamie. he is so f***ing cute. lol. im happy that brooke is finally going to be happy. i disagree with the whole lucas thing. i miss them alot. i think im going to like clayton. i hope tey get over this, for jamies sake

Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2009 2:54AM EDT

I can't believe they would play the storyline of Nate cheating on Haley again, it has been done more than a few times. Apart from that the episode was great. Hopefully this crazy Beeatch after Nathan is just a stalker. I would hate the storyline being Nate trying to get Haley back, yet again.

Sep 15, 2009 1:25PM EDT

Yah i think the woman is lying.. And i also disagree on the Lucas thing, i really miss him and Peyton.. i was just expecting them to show up, everytime they mentioned them.. i was so sad when they didnt, even tho i knew they wouldnt.. but i still like it :D

Sep 22, 2009 10:39AM EDT

i miss lucas an payton so much i want them back what happened to the baby why would they make all that if they were just gonna take them out after?:(

Default avatar cat
Sep 23, 2009 2:52AM EDT

I think they did it because thats leytons story. Like its over they have there happy ending. And theyve had just about as much drama as you can get out of them. I miss them but it was a good move by the creators..

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