CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR “The Girl in the Blue Mask” Review

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior "The Girl in the Blue Mask", Season 1 Episode 12 – With CBS canceling Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior this week, the quality of "The Girl in the Blue Mask" and next week’s season finale really doesn’t matter all that much. However, I am a professional, gosh darn it and I will be faithfully reviewing the whole series! I say we fight to the bitter end! Go out with a bang, baby! Let’s do this! Into the abyss we go!

Now I don’t like kicking things when they’re down, but as the critic of the show I have to point out its faults. While most of the concerns I usually levy against this show also applied to this episode (Poor rapport between members, unclear reason for the "red cell" team, sub-par acting and characterdevelopment, etc.), there was something else that bugged me this time. This time, the way the Unsub was handled was a little irritating to me. I don’t understand why they hide their face! It isn’t like the Unsub is one of the cast members that we’ve already met and they need to keep his identity safe from us. It isn’t like if we saw his face we would say "Hey, it’s that guy!" Instead they’re just hiding his face to be mysterious, but it did nothing but distract me from his personal scenes. I would have bought the conflict with his daughter a lot easier if they showed his face in the first time 35 minutes of the episode. Read More...


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