THE MIDDLE “The Bridge” Review

THE MIDDLE "The Bridge" Season 2 Episode 23 - Frankie and Mike discover the power of quitting as a parenting tool (watch for Frankie’s book) while Axl learns there’s a fine line between winning and losing as THE MIDDLE gets real in its "The Bridge" episode.

Whoa. Sue is now a full-on Teen Angst Monster and I suddenly have the urge to call my mom and beg forgiveness for the horrific teen years because this is a little too close to real life. "You just don’t get it!" "I said yes." "Oh, okay. Could you give me some privacy then?" Hee. Love Mike tiptoeing away when her voice hits that scary pitch, but Frankie’s swimsuit monologue rules all. "Women all over the world get this. I don’t even put on a swimsuit without two margaritas in me." Sing it, sister. That is one epic rant and while it sounds hyperbolic, swimsuit shopping really is a soul crushing rite of passage that every woman must go through. Repeatedly. Love that Frankie is drinking a margarita later when Mike comes home, too. Little details like that set episodes apart. Read More...


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