This show is a great lesson I myslef am a teen mother I got pregnant at 16 and gave birth at 17 I was a senior in high school when I had my son. I for one think people that try to get pregnant are stupid I tell my own friends that because I made a mistake. This show could help teach girls things about safe sex but they also need to know that birth control doesn't always work. I was on birth control after I had my son but yet here I am 18 just out of high school with a son and pregnant again with TWINS!!! So any girls out there wanting to have kids please re-think this it's not a great idea for one I think that you don't understand all the things that can go wrong. I mean being that young and having chances for miscarriages and what if the baby dies in your last few months. It scars you for life I know one of my twins already died. Also imagine having to make decisions about what to do if your child has a chance for downe syndrome while you are this young I wanted my son very much we both did because we both got used to it and were good with kids THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE WERE READY THOUGH and even we had to think about getting rid of it and I am PRO LIFE. I think it is a horrible thing to blame shows and movies because this is a decision for your child to make it doesnt matter what is on TV or anything. GIRLS PLEASE RE THINK IT IS NOT I REPEAT NOT EASY NOT FUN I LOVE KIDS AND I'M TELLING YOU IT'S NOT EASY AND NOT FUN!!!


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