GREEN LANTERN Set Visit Video Blog


When you visit a movie set, you never know how many of the secrets will be revealed.  Sometimes you leave without learning much about the movie, and when the trailer is released and it tells you the whole story, you wonder why everyone was so guarded.  However, every once in awhile, you visit a set and you’re told everything.  In the case of my visit to the set of Green Lantern last summer in New Orleans, it was the latter.  While I walked in thinking Green Lantern might be a cool movie, I left absolutely blown away by the scope and scale of Warner Bros. next comic book movie.  Trust me, while the first trailer for Green Lantern was lackluster, everything I saw and learned on set told me director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern is a full scale space opera and it smashes open the door for future comic book movies to tell even bigger stories.  I’m truly excited to see the finished film and if it comes together the way I think it will, Green Lantern will show audiences and the studios that comic book movies don’t have to stay on Earth, or even in this galaxy, to tell their story. Read More...


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